Das Schloss

Das Schloss

Steglitz District

The shopping mall "Das Schloss" is situated in the south west of Berlin, right in the shopping area around Schlossstraße in Steglitz.

Shopping Center Das Schloss

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The 48,000 square metres large shopping mall "Das Schloss" opened in 2006. It comprises more than eighty shops and services arranged over four floors.

Shops, events and a magic sky

The shopping centre attracts customers with a variety of shops that range from fashion, shoes and accessories, consumer electronics, drugstores, children's shops to cafés and restaurants. The mall distinguishes itself from others by a modern projection at the ceiling which creates all possible firmaments: day, night, clouds, sun or the universe. Other feature are regular events like exhibitions, concerts and saisonal markets.

District's Town Hall and library

Schlosstraße is one of the main streets of Steglitz. Alongside several shops many administrative offices are located there. Part of "Das Schloss" construction works was to integrate the gothic style building of the old districts's town hall. Also integrated in "Das Schloss" is a library. It can be found on the third floor. Besides books, audio books and magazines it offers free WiFi.

Location of Das Schloss

Schloßstraße 34
12163 Berlin
Opening Hours
Monday - Saturday 10:00 - 20:00
+49 30 66691227

Public transportation

Train (S-Bahn)

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