Lockdown in Berlin: These shops remain open

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    A woman stands in a bookshop wearing a mouth guard. Bookshops are allowed to stay open during the lockdown.

  • Christmas trees

    The sale of Christmas trees is also permitted this year.

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    Pharmacies remain open during the lockdown in Berlin.

Since 16 December, Berlin has been in a so-called hard lockdown. Until 10 January, many shops and service providers have to close.

Exempt from the new restrictions are shops offering products for daily needs. These include the following sales facilities:

  • Retail trade for food and beverages: In order to secure the supply of food and other goods for daily needs, supermarkets, beverage markets and similar establishments may continue to open normally. This also applies to Spätis. However, the sale of alcohol is not permitted for all on 31 December 2020 between 14 pm and 06 am the following day. In addition, the sale of non-food products, with the exception of fuel for heating, may not be extended.
  • Farmers Markets:
    Berlin's weekly markets, provided they are limited to the sale of food and other everyday goods, may also continue to take place.
  • Drugstores and shops for medical supplies: Since drugstores and other establishments for medical supplies primarily sell everyday goods, they are also exempt from the new restrictions.
  • Shops for tobacco products, stationery, newspapers and books: In order to continue to enable the flow of information, one's own further education and the supply of stationery for "home office" and homeschooling, shops for books, magazines, office supplies and also tobacco products may remain open.
  • Pharmacies and opticians: The supply of medicines, hearing and visual aids and other medically necessary products will continue to be provided by pharmacies, opticians and similar establishments.
  • Pet supply outlets: The supply and care of animals will continue to be permitted. Thus, outlets for the sale of animal supplies and feed may also remain open.
  • Bicycle and motor vehicle repair shops: In order to exclude a lack of mobility of citizens, bicycle and motor vehicle repair shops are also permitted to carry out their work as usual.
  • Post offices: Letters and parcels will not only continue to be delivered, but can also be handed in or collected directly from post offices.
  • Dry cleaners and launderettes: If you don't have a washing machine at home, you can still use launderettes and dry cleaners during the lockdown.
  • Petrol stations and Christmas tree sales outlets: Other sales establishments not affected by the closures are petrol stations, pick-up and delivery services, establishments for commercial craft supplies and sales outlets for the exclusive purchase of Christmas trees. In addition, strict spacing and hygiene rules will continue to apply at all retail establishments.

However, there is no obligation to open. Retailers and service providers decide independently on their opening and closing times within the framework of the legal regulations. Editor's note: In an earlier version of this article, baby stores were listed as commercial establishments that are allowed to open. This is not the case.

Last edited: 17 December 2020