Berlin in Pictures

Bernar Venet (4)

Bernar Venet, 1961 – 2021

The exhibition "Bernar Venet, 1961 - 2021. 60 Years of Performance, Paintings and Sculptures" at the Kunsthalle Berlin in Tempelhof Airport shows works by the French sculptor Bernar Venet until the end of May.  more

Ent (4)


With her video installation "Ent-", the British artist and quantum physicist Libby Heaney has transformed the well-known triptych "Garden of Delights" by Hieronymus Bosch into an animated fantasy world.  more

ISTAF Indoor 2022 (7)

ISTAF Indoor 2022

The ISTAF Indoor took place on 04 February 2022 in the Mercedes-Benz Arena in front of an audience with a reduced number of spectators.  more

Monets Garten (8)

Monet's Garden

The exhibition "Monet's Garden" in the Alte Münze presents installations and projections combined with music that seem to bring the virtual paintings of the painter Claude Monet to life.  more

Schliemanns Welten (4)

Schliemann’s Worlds

The exhibition "Schliemanns Welten" (Schliemann's Worlds) illustrates the multi-faceted work of the archaeologist and honorary citizen of Berlin, Heinrich Schliemann, with around 700 objects.  more

Christmas Garden Berlin 2021 (7)

Christmas Garden 2021

Since November 19, 2021, the Botanical Garden is illuminated artistically with numerous light installations as part of the "Christmas Garden".  more

Die Sammlung Solly 1821–2021. Vom Bilder-"Chaos" zur Gemäldegalerie (1)

The Solly Collection, 1821–2021

The exhibition "The Solly Collection, 1821–2021. Founding the Berlin Gemäldegalerie" will be shown in the Gemäldegalerie from 03.11.2021 to 16.01.2022.  more

Magische Spiegelungen (5)

Magical Reflections

In "Magical Reflections - Johann Erdmann Hummel", the Alte Nationalgalerie is showing 45 paintings and 50 drawings by Hummel as well as a few selected works of New Objectivity.  more

Louise Stomps (5)

Louise Stomps

The exhibition "Louise Stomps. Figuring Nature. Sculptures 1928–1988" provides an insight into the life's work of Stomps with around 90 sculptures and numerous drawings.  more

All the lonely people (2)

All the lonely people

Villa Aurora celebrates its 25th anniversary with the exhibition "All the lonely people" in the silent green Kulturquartier from 25 September to 10 October 2021.  more

Lost Art Festival (3)

Lost Art Festival

At the Berlin art festival "Lost Art Festival", 80 international artists will be performing at the Umspannwerk Reinickendorf.  more

The Cool and the Cold (3)

The Cool and the Cold

Around 125 works from the holdings of the Ludwig Collection by 80 artists are on show in the exhibition «The Cool and the Cold. Painting from the USA and the USSR 1960 - 1990» at the Martin-Gropius-Bau.  more

Frederic Brenner - Zerheilt (6)

Frederic Brenner - Zerheilt

At the Jewish Museum, the exhibition "Frederic Brenner - Zerheilt" will show the latest additions to the Photographic Collection starting in early September.  more

Zug der Liebe 2021

Zug der Liebe 2021

With house and techno sounds, the demonstration "Zug der Liebe" led through Berlin on 28 August 2021.  more

Die Liste der "Gottbegnadeten" (5)

Divinely Gifted

In the exhibition «"Divinely Gifted". National Socialism's Favoured Artists in the Federal Republic», the German Historical Museum looks at renowned protagonists of the National Socialist art scene.  more

Berliner Halbmarathon 2021 (3)

Berlin Half Marathon 2021

With a new course record, Joyciline Jepkosgei crossed the finish line after 65:16 minutes at the Berlin Half Marathon 2021. With 20,774 runners registered, the race was the most participated race worldwide so far this year.  more

Freedom Dinner

Freedom Dinner

At the Berlin Freedom Dinner event on 7 August 2021, guests will dine on the runway of the former Tegel Airport.  more

Christopher Street Day 2021 (16)

Christopher Street Day 2021

Tens of thousands came to the Berlin CSD on 24 July. The motto of Christopher Street Day 2021 was "Save our Community - save your Pride", an allusion to the fact that many queer institutions fear for their existence because of the Corona crisis.  more

Nach der Natur (1)

After Nature

The exhibition «After Nature» at the Humboldt Forum shows the effects of man-made global environmental change as a threat to humanity and the approaches to solving it.  more

Ein Mann fotografiert bei sonnigen Wetter das Brandenburger Tor

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Kirschblüte in Berliner Park

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