Molecule Man

Molecule Man

The sculpture titled "Molecule Man", designed by the American artist Jonathan Borofsky, rises about 30 meters from the Spree River between Oberbaum Bridge and Elsen Bridge in Berlin-Treptow.

  • Molecule Man© dpa
    Atmosphere at the water statue "Molecule Man", which rises 30 meters above the waters of the Spree in the Treptow district.
  • Molecule Man© dpa
    The statue "Molecule Man" by the US-American artist Jonathan Borofsky, standing in the river Spree
  • Molecule Man© dpa
    A party boat sails past the Molecule Man at sunset on the Spree River in Berlin.
  • Molecule Man© dpa
    A boat sails past Jonathan Borofsky's sculpture Molecule Man in Treptow in bright sunshine.
  • Kreuzberg© dpa
    Der Molecule Man wird in Berlin vom Licht der aufgehenden Sonne angestrahlt.
  • Molecule Man Berlin© dpa
    Two yachts sail side by side on the Spree River in front of the Molecule Man in Berlin.
  • Sunset in Berlin© dpa
    Excursion steamboats in the sunset on the Spree in Berlin, with Oberbaum Bridge, the TV Tower and the Molecule Man in the background.
  • Molecule Man in Berlin© dpa
    Molecule Man in Berlin at night. The statue is located on the border of the districts Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Treptow.
  • Molecule Man© dpa
    The monumental sculpture Molecule Man stands in Berlin's Spree River amidst floats of ice. In the background you can see the Oberbaum Bridge.


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