The Viktoriapark is with the Kreuzberg Berlin's highest inner-city elevation and has a real waterfall to offer.

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    The National Monument to the Liberation Wars in Viktoriapark in Kreuzberg
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    12.06.2020, Berlin: Eine Frau blickt vom Nationaldenkmal für die Befreiungskriege auf dem Kreuzberg aus auf den sich noch nicht in Betrieb befindlichen Wasserfall im Viktoriapark.
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    12.06.2020, Berlin: Julia freut sich, dass der Wasserfall im Viktoriapark nach Instandsetzungsarbeiten an der Pumpanlage wieder in Betrieb gegangen ist.
For a good 100 years only the Viktoriapark satisfied the longing for green in the Kreuzberg sea of houses. Fortunately, this is no longer the case today. But despite numerous alternatives, the park is still popular and well visited. During peak hours, tables and chairs for the family picnic are already in the pond, and in the central beer garden, the famous neighborhood nights are as long as ever. In rainy weather, however, romantics get their money's worth.

National monument and waterfall

At the top of Kreuzberg is the National Monument commemorating the victory of the Alliance against Napoleon in the wars of liberation. A climb up the winding and narrow paths to the top of the Kreuzberg is well worthwhile: from the monument base you have an unrivalled view of Berlin city centre. A little further on, water falls down Kreuzberg in a waterfall. The waterfall was created in 1894 in the form of a deceptively real mountainous landscape, which is said to have resembled the Zackelfall in the Giant Mountains. At different places you can approach the falling water.
The Viktoriapark, an exceptional park art work of the late 19th century, was the first green space in West Berlin to be listed in 1980.



Kreuzbergstr. 15
10965 Berlin


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