Schönhausen Castle park

Schönhausen Castle park

The Schönhausen castle park has two sides: a lively, tree-rich folk park merges into a secluded, quiet monastery garden.

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    Das Schloss Schönhausen im Berliner Stadtteil Pankow.
The Schönhausen Palace Park has two faces: that of a lively, tree-covered public park with a meandering stream and that of a secluded, peaceful monastery garden. The reason for this is a wall that divides the park into different areas.
The park was created together with Schönhausen Castle and is located in the district of Pankow. The beautiful baroque palace was the summer residence of Prussian Queen Elisabeth Christine, the wife of Frederick the Great, from 1740 to 1797. The Panke stream meanders through the park, which offers many shady places in summer. The old tree population of acacias, oaks and chestnuts is wonderful.



Tschaikowskistraße 1
13156 Berlin
Opening hours
daily until dusk


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