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Senate discusses rules for major events and 2G in retail

Franziska Giffey

Franziska Giffey, Governing Mayor of Berlin

The Berlin Senate cannot get past the Corona pandemic, even at its first meeting after the winter vacations.

Disccusions about ending 2G in retail

Among other things, discussions will revolve around the end of the 2G rule for the retail sector, which only allows shopping for vaccinated and recovered customers. The goal is to end it "promptly", Governing Mayor Franziska Giffey (SPD) announced on Monday (February 07, 2022). Presumably, a conclusive decision will not be reached on Tuesday, but rather in the following week. Instead of the 2G rule, a FFP2 mask obligation should then apply everywhere in retail. Brandenburg has also announced their plans to repeal 2G when shopping.

More exceptions before entry checks at the entrance

A change in the current mandatory entry checks in specialist retail stores will be discussed and presumably decided upon. In stores with a size of up to 200 square meters, the 2G proof would then no longer have to be checked immediately at the entrance. Previously, 100 square meters was the upper limit - but if the 2G rule ends, this change will be irrelevant.

New upper limits for participants at large events

Another issue that will be discussed is the question of access rules for large events. According to a decision by the heads of the state chancelleries last Wednesday, more spectators may again be admitted nationwide - up to 10,000 for outdoors venues, with a maximum capacity of 50 percent. This also applies, for example, to Bundesliga soccer matches. However, Berlin's Infection Protection Ordinance would have to be amended accordingly. Senator for Sport Iris Spranger has welcomed the regulation. Whether all members of the Senate see it that way is not certain - nor whether a decision will already be made this Tuesday.

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Publication date: 8 February 2022
Last updated: 8 February 2022

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