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Return to mandatory attendance at schools still unclear

Schule ohne Präsenzpflicht

According to the Berlin Senate, it is still unclear when exactly the usual mandatory attendance for students will be reinstated in Berlin schools because of the development of the pandemic.

Close monitoring of the infection situation

"If only I knew," said Education Senator Astrid-Sabine Busse (SPD) on Monday (Feb. 7, 2022) in a talk with RBB Inforadio. For the moment, mandatory attendance for students is suspended until February 28, which is "still a while away." Busse said: "We will monitor the situation closely and, like all people, see if infection numbers go down and if we have broken through the wave. (...) We all hope that we can return to normal attendance as soon as possible." That will be decided in time before February 28, she said.

Mandatory attendance suspended since January 25

On Monday, classes of the second school semester began after a week of winter vacations. Due to the Coronavirus infection situation, the Senate had suspended mandatory attendance at schools on January 25, shortly before the vacations started. Since then, parents have been able to decide for themselves whether to send their children to the schools, which are still open, or to have them stay at home and study. According to media reports, however, almost all students went to school after all, with significantly less than ten percent staying at home.

Information on Covid for Schools

Current information from the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family on questions of opening, teaching and supervision conditions in Berlin schools under Covid conditions.  more

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Publication date: 7 February 2022
Last updated: 7 February 2022

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