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Giffey: We need to reduce inhibition thresholds for vaccination


The Berlin state government wants to work more closely with migrant and religious communities to convince people to get vaccinated against Coronavirus.

Author: dpa
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Publication date: January 13, 2022
Last updated: January 13, 2022 

Reducing inhibitions and counteracting misinformation

"We must reduce inhibition thresholds and also counteract fake news about vaccination by addressing them directly," Governing Mayor Franziska Giffey (SPD) said according to a statement from the Senate Department for Immigration on Wednesday evening (January 12, 2022). Together with Senator for Integration Katja Kipping (Left Party), Giffey had previously consulted with organizations in a video call, among them representatives of migration organizations, religious communities, Muslim associations as well as welfare associations and district centers.

The exchange encouraged them to promote outreach vaccination efforts, to go into the neighborhoods with difficult social situations and into the communities. Further vaccination offers in the neighborhoods as well as multilingual medical teams and ivaccination nformation campaigns at Muslim Friday prayers are currently being discussed.

Almost 76 percent of Berliners vaccinated at least once

"The vaccine has to go where the people are at. That's why we're promoting outreach vaccination," Kipping also said - that could be furniture stores in Lichtenberg as well as cultural associations or gathering spots of the city's various religious communities. On Twitter, her administration spoke of many constructive suggestions. Currently, just under 76 percent of people in Berlin have been vaccinated at least once.

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Publication date: 1 December 2023
Last updated: 13 January 2022

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