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Berlin nightclubs kick off vaccination week

  • Impfaktion in Berliner Clubs (2)

    People are waiting in line inside the nightclub Sage Beach to receive their first, second or booster vaccination.

  • Impfaktion in Berliner Clubs (3)

    At the Sage Beach club, a man receives a booster shot of Moderna vaccine.

  • Impfaktion in Berliner Clubs (1)

    Medical student Jule prepares syringes with Moderna and Biontech vaccines at the Sage Beach club.

  • Impfaktion in Berliner Clubs

    People are waiting at Sage Beach to receive their first, second or booster vaccination.

The Berlin club scene has started a vaccination campaign against the spread of Coronavirus.

People have been able to get vaccinated at Sage Beach club since Monday (January 03, 2022), with other locations being added throughout the week. The campaign is "off to a very good start", the spokesman for the Berlin Club Commission, Lutz Leichsenring, declared. Out of about 4500 vaccination appointments offered, half have already been reserved, he said. Because of the spread of the Coronavirus, there is currently a ban on dancing in Berlin. The Berlin club scene had already called on people to get vaccinated several times. In the summer of 2021, for instance, operators organized the "Long Night of Vaccination", where DJs played music inside a vaccination center.

"We want to get through this pandemic together and do our part," Leichsenring said. The clubs Mensch Meier, ://about blank and Klunkerkranich also participate in the vaccination campaign. Appointments for first, second and also booster shots can be booked online. According to the Club Comission, many Berlin nightclubs are currently closed because the ban on dancing makes it unprofitable for them to operate.

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Publication date: 22 May 2024
Last updated: 3 January 2022

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