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Rail strike from Wednesday to Friday


The German Train Drivers' Union (GDL) is calling for a strike lasting several days in the wage dispute with Deutsche Bahn and other railway companies.

The strike in passenger transport is set to begin on Wednesday night (10 January) and last until Friday evening, as announced by the GDL on Sunday evening. In Berlin, the S-Bahn will also be affected. In freight transport, GDL members are to stop work on Tuesday evening.

Severe disruption to S-Bahn services

As announced by S-Bahn Berlin, massive disruptions to S-Bahn, regional and long-distance services are to be expected. Restrictions may also occur before and after the announced strike period. Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) are not affected by strikes organised by the train drivers' union. Buses, underground trains, trams and ferries are expected to operate as usual during the warning strike.

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Further information: Public Transportation in Berlin
Publication date: 7 January 2024
Last updated: 7 January 2024

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