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Berlin takes in around 300 Syrian refugees from Lebanon


As part of a humanitarian aid program, Berlin is taking in around 300 additional refugees.

On Tuesday, 137 particularly vulnerable refugees from Syria arrived in the city. They had previously living in difficult conditions in Lebanon. On November 15, another 152 Syrians are scheduled to arrive in Berlin, according to the Senate Department for Social Services. The group includes women threatened by family violence, minors threatened by child labor and people traumatized by the civil war in Syria.

Future opportunities for refugees in Berlin

"I am very pleased that we can bring these people from Lebanon to safety in Berlin," said Senator for Social Services Cansel Kiziltepe (SPD). She said that the supply situation for many refugees in Syria and neighboring countries had deteriorated dramatically in the past two years and that they often lived under inhumane conditions. "The reception of people in particular need of protection from a humanitarian point of view is therefore an important concern for me," Kiziltepe said. "Here, we can offer people a safe life and future opportunities that they don't have locally, particularly when it comes to children and young people."

Number of places in state program increased to 300 for 2023

According to the Senate Department for Social Services, the state's humanitarian program, which allows Berlin to take in people over and above the normal nationwide distribution mechanism, most recently comprised 100 places per year. In 2023, the number of people to be taken in was raised to 300 - even though there is a dramatic shortage of accommodation for refugees in Berlin and large emergency shelters with thousands of beds have to be built. Next year, 100 more people are to be taken in as part of the state program.

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Publication date: 1 November 2023
Last updated: 1 November 2023

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