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Final result: Climate referendum has failed


In the Berlin climate referendum on March 26, 50.9 percent of voters voted yes - exactly 442,028.

For a successful referendum, at least 25 percent of eligible voter - just under 608,000 - would have had to vote in favor. This means that the bill, with which the "Klimaneustart" initiative wanted to push through more climate protection measures, has failed. According to the final results, which the state election comission announced on Wednesday, 48.8 percent of voters (423,594) had voted no. 2948 votes (0.3 percent) were invalid.

Only minor deviations from preliminary result

According to data from the state election administration, 2,430,073 Berliners were eligible to vote. A total of 868,570 took part in the referendum, or 35.7 percent. That the referendum had failed was already clear after the vote was counted on March 26. The data of the final result deviates only insignificantly from the previous figures. The alliance "Klimaneustart" wanted to achieve that Berlin commits itself to become climate neutral already by 2030. To achieve this, the state's Energy Transition Act was to be amended, which has so far set 2045 as the target date for this.

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Publication date: 13 April 2023
Last updated: 13 April 2023

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