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Absentee voting: Post ballot paper by Tuesday at the latest

Eine Frau wirft ihren Stimmzettel in die Wahlurne

State Election Commissioner Stephan Bröchler has advised postal voters in Berlin, also in view of the warning strikes at the post office, to bring the completed documents for the repeat election to the post office on Tuesday at the latest.

"There is also the possibility to post the ballots yourself at the district election office or at City Hall until 6 pm on Sunday," Bröchler told RBB-Inforadio on Monday. According to him, that is the "safest method". The repeat election will take place next Sunday, the polling stations then close at 6 pm.

EU citizens allowed to vote in repeat elections

On February 12, 2023, the members of the district councils will also be re-elected as part of the Berlin repeat election. For this purpose, citizens of other member states of the European Union are also eligible to vote and to be elected under the same conditions as Germans.

Postal service warning strike

The trade union Verdi has once again called for a warning strike at the postal service in Berlin and Brandenburgon Monday. Bröchler stated that he was watching possible consequences for the repeat election very closely. "Of course, I have no influence on the strike," he said.

Author: dpa/BerlinOnline
Publication date: 6 February 2023
Last updated: 6 February 2023

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