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Energy Crisis: Berlin Plans "Network of Warmth"

Katja Kipping

Katja Kipping, Berlin Senator for Integration, Labour and Social Affairs

For people who are particularly affected by the energy crisis, there is to be a so-called Network of Warmth in Berlin.

A network of "warm spots" is planned - these can be meeting places, canteens, museums or libraries where people can stay and meet. But the break room in a start-up company is also a possibility, said Social Senator Katja Kipping (Left Party) after a meeting of the Senate on Tuesday. The main focus is on human warmth. There is no thought of offering warming halls to stay in during the winter.

Preservation of the famous "Berlin Spirit"

The concept was developed by the Senate Department for Labour and Social Affairs. Culture and business are also to be addressed. It is about summoning up the famous "Berlin Spirit", said the social senator. The goal is also to make the city's society immune to right-wing sentiment. The warm spots are about opportunities to meet and also about preventing loneliness.

Counselling services and "Charter of Warmth"

Kipping announced that there will also be advisory services on energy saving and social assistance. A common logo is planned to make the heat points easily recognisable, as well as the signing of a "Charter of Warmth". According to the social administration, there will be a website with information about the heat points and an interactive district map.

Network of warmth part of Berlin's relief package

The network of warmth is part of the Senate's relief measures, which are to complement the third relief package agreed upon by the federal government's traffic light coalition. The Senate still wants to decide on further measures. A coalition committee on the subject is planned for Monday.

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Publication date: 14 September 2022
Last updated: 14 September 2022

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