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After pilot phase: Berlin digital agency establishes cyber hotline

Ein Netzwerk-Kabelstecker leuchtet rot

In the event of hacker attacks on their IT systems, Berlin companies can now get help from an emergency number provided by the state's digital agency.

Experts from the so-called "Cyber Hotline" could also help with very complex emergencies, the Senate announced on Wednesday. The central phone number is +49 (0)30 166 360 580. The digital agency receives 3.4 million euros annually from the state treasury. It also offers online seminars on information technology (IT) security and corresponding checklists.

Hotline offers fast and anonymous help after cyber attacks

The official launch of the cyber hotline on Wednesday was preceded by a pilot phase lasting several months. The hotline is managed by the so-called "Ersthelfer:innen". Companies receive anonymous help after an IT security incident. Economics Senator Stephan Schwarz emphasized the relevance of the cyberhotline in combating cybercrime: "We are responding to the needs of Berlin companies and providing them with very targeted support in strengthening their IT security."

Author: dpa/BerlinOnline/
Publication date: 9 September 2022
Last updated: 9 September 2022

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