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Special tariff for taxi rides from BER airport introduced

Taxis stehen vor dem Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg

Taxis stehen vor dem Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg.

In the future, the same tariff will apply to all taxi customers at Berlin's BER Airport in Schönefeld, regardless of whether the cab company is from Berlin or Brandenburg.

The Berlin Senate laid the foundations for this at its meeting on Tuesday (May 03, 2022). The price per kilometer of the new joint tariff is €2.20 for a distance of up to five kilometers and €1.75 thereafter. In addition, Berlin cab drivers will be allowed to charge a surcharge of €1.50 per trip from BER in order to cover the costs of using the waiting zones at the airport. Cabs from the Dahme-Spree region in Brandenburg already charge this surcharge.

No nighttime tariff planned

There are no plans for a special nighttime fare for journeys from BER. According to the Senate Department for Urban Mobility, the introduction of fixed fares for certain traffic connections between the airport and destinations in Berlin has been examined, but has been put on hold for legal considerations, among other reasons. Whether fixed fares are possible and at what level is to be clarified as part of future fare adjustments.

400 Berlin taxis allowed to pick up passengers at BER

Currently, only 400 cabs from the capital are allowed to pick up passengers at the airport. The rest must return empty after taking their customers from the capital to BER Airport.

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Publication date: 4 May 2022
Last updated: 4 May 2022

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