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Transport connections to Airport Berlin Brandenburg BER

BER (11)

Information about the transport connections to BER Airport by car, Airport Express, S-Bahn, regional train and bus.

Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport, also know as BER Airport, is located in Brandenburg, close to the border in the south of Berlin. The major airport is well connected to Berlin's public transportation system. A network of bus and rail connections with many boarding points enables passengers, visitors and employees to arrive and depart quickly.

Getting to BER by Car

BER has its own slip road onto the A113 highway, providung a direct and fast connection to downtown Berlin and the A10 Berlin motorway ring. In addition, BER Airport is directly connected to the four-lane federal highway B96a, which runs parallel to the A113 highway. Passengers and visitors to BER have access to more than 10,000 parking spaces. Five parking garages and three ground-level parking spaces can be used at the Terminals 1 and 2, while Terminal 5 has three ground-level parking spaces and one parking garage.

Getting to BER by Public Transport

Trains and Suburban Trains (S-Bahn)

BER can be reached quickly and easily by regional trains or the Berlin S-Bahn. The station "BER Terminal 1-2" is located under Terminal 1. Regional and long-distance trains and the trains of S-Bahn lines S9 and S45 stop here. The Airport Express (FEX) and regional trains run several times an hour between Berlin-Hauptbahnhof and the station "BER Terminal 1-2". The S-Bahn trains run every 20 minutes.

Terminal 5, the former Schönefeld Airport, is connected to rail transport by the "Terminal 5" station. Trains of the S-Bahn lines S9 and S45 stop here every 20 minutes. Travelers wishing to transfer between Terminals 1 or 2 and Terminal 5 can use the S-Bahn to do so. The journey time between Terminals 1/2 and 5 by S-Bahn takes eight minutes.

Trains serving BER Airport (Terminal 1-2):

  • Airport-Express (FEX) (Berlin Central Station - BER Terminal 1-2)
  • RE7 (Dessau - Wünsdorf-Waldstadt)
  • RB14 (Nauen - BER-Terminal 1-2)
  • RB22 (Friedrichstraße/Golm - BER-Terminal 1-2)
S-Bahn lines serving BER Airport:
  • S9 (Spandau - BER Terminal 1-2 und 5)
  • S45 (Südkreuz - BER Terminal 5)

Bus Connections to BER

Numerous bus routes connect BER Airport to the Berlin city area. There are central bus stops at Terminals 1/2 and 5, where buses depart every five minutes.

Bus lines serving BER Airport:

  • Express bus X7 (U-Bhf Rudow - BER)
  • Express bus X71 (U-Bhf Alt-Mariendorf - BER T1/2)
  • Express bus BER1 (Rathaus Steglitz - BER T1/2)
  • Express bus BER2 (Potsdam Hbf - BER T1/2 & T5)
  • 163 (S-Bhf Schöneweide - BER Terminal 5)
  • 164 (S-Bhf Köpenick - BER Terminal 5)
  • 171 (U-Bhf Herrmannplatz - BER Terminal 5)
  • 734 (S-Bhf Zeuthen - BER T1/2)
  • 735 (Königs Wusterhausen - BER Terminal 1/2)
    735 (Königs Wusterhausen - BER Terminal 1/2)
  • 736 (Königs Wusterhausen - BER Terminal 1/2)
  • 743 (S Lichtenrade - BER)
  • 744 (Gropiusstadt, Gesundheitszentrum - BER Terminal 5)

Taxi Cabs

Cabs are available for passengers and visitors at all terminals. Cabs for passengers with special needs - such as wheelchair accessible cabs, cabs with child seats or large capacity vehicles - are also available.

Cab prices to BER Airport:

  • From the City-West (Zoo station): approx. 52 euros
  • From the City-East (Alexanderplatz): approx. 49 euros

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