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9-euro ticket for public transport to start on June 1

S-Bahn Berlin

The Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB) is preparing for the launch of the 9-Euro-Ticket.

It will be available both digitally via the apps of the transport companies and in classic form at ticket machines and sales outlets, as the VBB announced on Thursday (14 April 2022).

Last details are being sorted out

The plan is that it can be bought at the transport companies in the network, in Berlin for example at the BVG and the S-Bahn Berlin, in Brandenburg at the local public transport providers. The sale of the tickets, which are to be available for 9 euros per month for a period of 90 days, could begin very quickly as soon as the final details have been worked out by the federal and state governments.

Already a lot of interest

The planned start date is 1 June. "Preparations are in full swing in the companies and in the network," says the VBB. The public is already very interested, as enquiries to the VBB and the participating companies have shown. The 9-Euro-Ticket was decided by the federal government as part of the second energy relief package.

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Publication date: 14 April 2022
Last updated: 14 April 2022

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