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Museum Berggruen

  • Museum Berggruen in Berlin
  • Museum Berggruen in Berlin

Heinz Berggruen's collection, opened to the public in 1996, is one of Berlin's most popular modern art galleries, situated opposite Schloss Charlottenburg.

Its modernist highlights include works by Picasso, Klee, Matisse, Braque and Giacometti. The core exhibition entitled ‘Picasso and his Times’ dedicates three floors to painting, sculpture and drawings. Over 100 examples of Picasso’s work are exhibited from early student sketches, to the Blue and Rose period with his ‘Seated Harlequin’, from the dramatic Cubist years right up to the year before his death in 1973. 60 of Paul Klee’s works from 1917 onwards cover a creative lifespan of over twenty years.

Other exhibits of note are Giacometti’s sculptures and some of the African artefacts which inspired 20th century Modernists. The collector Heinz Berggruen died in 2007 and is buried in Berlin-Dahlem.

Museum Berggruen

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Schloßstr. 1
14059 Berlin
+49 30 266 424 242
Opening Hours
Tue-Fr 10-18, Sat and Sun 11-18
Admission Fee
12,- Euro, red. 6,- Euro

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