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Plötzensee Memorial

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    Former execution room, 1997

The Plötzensee Memorial commemorates the victims of the unjust sentences of the National Socialist judiciary and is a European place of quiet remembrance.

The building of the former Plötzensee prison was erected between 1868 and 1879. Until the National Socialists seized power, the facility primarily served to reform prisoners. From 1933, however, the aim of the institution changed from resocialisation to punishment and retribution.

Unjust sentences by the National Socialist judiciary

Under National Socialism, more than 2,800 people were executed in Plötzensee prison following unjust sentences by the National Socialist judiciary. They included more than 1,400 Germans and more than 1,400 other people from 19 other nations. Many of them were political opponents of the National Socialist dictatorship, like the members of the Red Orchestra, the Kreisau Circle, the attempted coup of July 20, 1944, or other resistance groups and circles. However, there were also victims sentenced to death by the German justice system for petty misdemeanors and executed. Many foreign prisoners from the occupied European countries were killed here.

Memorial room and permanent exhibition at the Plötzensee memorial site

The former execution chamber now is a memorial for all victims of the unjust state. Visitors can view the life data of all those murdered in Plötzensee at a terminal. This documentation is constantly expanded.

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Hüttigpfad 16
13627 Berlin
+49 30 26 99 50 00
Opening Hours
daily 9-17
Closed on December 24-26 and December 31 - January 1
Admission Fee
Admission free
accessible for people with impairments
The Plötzensee Memorial Center is wheelchair accessible. A barrier-free WC is provided.

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