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Elektroroller von Tier

In addition to e-bikes, the Berlin-based company Tier now also offers scooters for rent in the capital.

With the mint-green electric scooters from Tier, Berliners and visitors can quietly and stylishly move through the capital.


Before renting an electric scooter from Tier, you first need to download the company's free app to your cell phone. After entering your personal data, you need to specify a means of paynment and get your driver's license verified. Payment is possible with all major credit cards and PayPal.

Rental Process and Pricing

Available scooters can be located via the app, which displays all Scooters in the vicinity on a map and allows you to reserve one for a short period of time. Scooters are unlocked by scanning a QR code. One gelmet is avaible in the storage compartment of the scooter. If a second person wants to ride along, they need to bring a second helmet of their own. After unlocking your scooter, your ride can then begin. The rental price is calculated by the minute. The maximum rental period is one hour.


Once you have reached your destination, you can park your scooter in any suitable place within the permitted area. Parked scooters must not obstruct pedestrians or other traffic participants.

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Last edited: 3 August 2022