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Lime E-Scooter

The American company Lime rents out e-scooters as well as e-bikes in Berlin.

Lime is already well-established as an e-bike sharing company. Just like the rental bikes, they now also offer electric pedal scooters that can be rented according to the sharing principle.


As with other providers, users need to download the Lime app before renting an e-scooter. The app is free of charge. After registering and entering your personal data, you're ready to go.

Before borrowing the fast e-scooters you have to download the app. This is free of charge. After registering and depositing your personal data, you are ready to go.

Rental Process and Pricing

Available scooters in the area can be located via the Lime app and, if desired, reserved for 15 minutes. Before starting your ride, the scooter must be unlockd by scanninng the QR code or entering the six-digit code on the scooter into the app. It is possible to rent several e-scooters at once with one account. The cost of renting an e-scooter from Lime consists of a fixed fee for activation and a price per minute.

Area of Use and Returns

Lime's e-scooters can be returned anywhere within the business area defined by Lime. Once the desired destination has been reached, the rental process can be terminated via the app.

Important Note: No Electric Scooters on Sidewalks

It is forbidden to drive electric scooters on sidewalks and in pedestrian zones. Violations may result in a fine. Do not park your scooter in the middle of sidewalks or in driveways. Scooters may not be parked on pavements or in driveways, but must be parked in public or collective parking spaces.

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Last edited: 27 January 2023