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Caroline Wong: Cats and Girls

  • Caroline Wong: Cats and Girls (1)

    Caroline Wong in her Studio

  • Caroline Wong: Cats and Girls (2)

    Drawing Room (after Balthus), 2021, Courtesy of the Artist

  • Caroline Wong: Cats and Girls (3)

    New Year’s Eve Dinner, 2022, Courtesy of the Artist

Caroline Wong's works are responses to a traditional, often very limited representation of East Asian women. For Wong, subverting these ideals is the essence of her work. The exhibition «Cats and Girls» at the gallery Soy Capitán shows new works by the Malaysian-born artist.

The Kreuzberg gallery Soy Capitán will be showing works by the London-based artist that are simultaneously nauseating and exuberantly life-affirming. Wong’s work illustrates in no uncertain terms just how warped and uneasy women’s relationship to food is.

Using loud, hot colors, smudged, hectic oil pastels, and wide, expansive, luxuriously sweeping strokes, Wong takes up space, fills space and makes space on a maximalistic scale. The show promotes that which is playful, feminine, foreign and queer. Themes of anxiety, desire, and the right to female pleasure pervade the pieces. Saturating each canvas, Wong’s mission is to fill the void, to feel no guilt or shame for taking what one needs and wants.

At a Glance

Caroline Wong: Cats and Girls
Soy Capitán
16 September 2022
29 October 2022
Opening hours
Wednesday to Saturday from 12pm to 6pm, Friday September 16 from 6pm to 9pm, Sunday September 18 from 12pm to 6pm.
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Soy Capitán

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