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Konkret Abstrakt

The exhibition «Konkret Abstrakt» at the Anahita Contemporary gallery brings together contemporary works by eight women and places them in a cross-generational dialogue.

In the group exhibition «Konkret Abstrakt», the Charlottenburg gallery Anahita Contemporary is showing works by female artists in which this supposed opposition is suspended in the dialogue between surface and space. Coming from different countries and belonging to different generations, all the artists have in common the examination of perspectives on the abstract and the concrete. Some of the selected wall works and installations will be rearranged or framed for the exhibition, thus creating unique spatial situations. On view are works by Anni Albers, Bärbel Dornier, Carla Guagliardi, Birgit Hölmer, Rebecca Michaelis, Maria Muñoz, Fiene Scharp and Amalia Valdés. «Konkret Abstrakt» was curated by Rüdiger Lange.

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Konkret Abstrakt
Anahita Contemporary
12 June 2021
31 July 2021
Opening hours
Tuesday to Friday from 2 pm to 6 pm, Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm
Admission Fee
Free entry

Anahita Contemporary

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Schlüterstraße 14
10625 Berlin

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