Look at Me! Women’s Portraits from the 1920s

Look at Me! Women’s Portraits from the 1920s

07 April to 05 July 2021

With 24 works, the exhibition "Look at me!" of the Berlinische Galerie presents the diverse practice of portrait photography in Berlin in the 1920s.

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In the photo exhibition, conventional and modern photographs of commercial photo studios are juxtaposed with artistic and experimental photographs and collages.

The starting point of the presentation are portraits of women taken in the photo studios between 1920 and 1930. "Look at me! Women's Portraits of the 1920s" shows works by Steffi Brandl, Carry & Nini Hess, Frieda Riess and Cami Stone, among others. The art historian Lothar Brieger published them in his treatise on "Das Frauengesicht der Gegenwart" (1930). He observed changes in the faces of working women.

He illustrates this thesis with 71 photographs of contemporary famous actresses, scientists as well as women of other professions. On display are 18 vintage photographs that Brieger used as prints. They are juxtaposed with six experimental works by Marta Asfalck-Vietz and Hannah Höch, among others.

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Was: Look at Me! Women’s Portraits from the 1920s
Wann: 07 April to 05 July 2021
Wo: Berlinische Galerie
Entry: free (digital)

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