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International Museum Day

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    Futurium Berlin

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On the occasion of this worldwide event, which aims to highlight the contributions of museums to society, many Berlin museums open their doors for special tours and activities.

There are many reasons to start a collection - be it scientific curiosity, the claim to preserve cultural assets for posterity or to document developments. At the same time, collecting is one of the oldest passions of mankind. From the early cabinets of curiosities to princely and private collections to today's museums, museum collections offer exciting insights. No collection is random; each has a history and serves as a bridge between the cultural past and the present.

Showcasing the Diversity of Berlin's Museums

The aim of International Museum Day is to draw attention to the broad spectrum of museum work and the thematic diversity of the approximately 6,500 museums in Germany. Established in 1977, International Museum Day aims to give museums and their staff around the world the opportunity to work together to highlight the importance of their work as a contribution to cultural and social life.

At a Glance

International Museum Day 2024
The full program and participating museums can be found on
Museums all over Berlin
19 May 2024
Admission Fee
Admission is usually free of charge

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