Berlin leuchtet

Berlin leuchtet

9 - 20 October 2019

Berlin leuchtet, one of two illumination festivals in October, transforms many lesser known yet significant buildings all over the town with coloured light.

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    Building of the German Bundesrat
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    Leipziger Platz
Berlin leuchtet, "Berlin illuminated" in English, stages historic houses, shopping malls, train stations, bridges and even some public parks with light installations and laser, video and 3D projections. A range of musical and artistic performances, fireworks and guided tours for visitors round off and enhance the unusual visual experience.

Lifting the October mood with colourful illuminations

Berlin leuchtet was created by some of the initiators of the Festival of Lights and has since managed to make its mark. While the Festival of Lights illuminates some of the most famous monuments and sights in the city centre, Berlin leuchtet focuses on less prominent architectural structures all over town. All lit up they, they add some brightness to the beginning of the dark season.

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© Vera Fittschen – B like Berlin

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Illuminated buildings at the light festival

During the festival, almost 500 buildings in Berlin are illuminated, among them quite well-known sights such as Funkturm, Oberbaumbrücke and Siegessäule. The main focus of the festival, however, are buildings that are not listed in every Berlin travel guide such as train stations, shopping malls and public squares. A map with all participating buildings is available at the festival website.
Opening Hours
9 - 20 October 2019
Useful hints
The light installations and projections can be found all over the city, but mainly in the quarters Mitte, Tiergarten, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Steglitz.

Berlin leuchtet and Festival of Lights Video

Photo Galleries (in German)

  • Gendarmenmarkt - Berlin leuchtet© dpa
    Lichterfest «Berlin leuchtet» 2018
  • Brandenburger Tor - Berlin leuchtet© dpa
    Lichterfest "Berlin leuchtet" 2017
  • Festival of Lights  2016© dpa
    Lichterfest "Berlin leuchtet" 2016
Festival of Lights
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