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Holi Festival Of Colours

  • Holi Festival of Colours
  • Holi Festival of Colours

Based on the traditional Indian spring festival, the Holi Festival transforms Berlin's central fairground into a colorful celebration.

Festivalgoers can come and join in the colorfun fun for a whole day. Starting at noon, there is an exciting countdown every hour, at the end of which all Holi Festival visitors throw their colors into the air. In between the countdowns, DJs will provide a party atmosphere with lots of EDM, techno and house music.

Holi: An Indian Tradition

The Holi festival is a tradition from India. Every year, people welcome spring with this spiritual festival of colors. For this purpose, they throw colored powder, the Gulal, into the sky. The color transforms people and the environment into a colorful splendor. At the same time, all barriers of caste, gender and age disappear. Harmony, community and peaceful coexistence are in the foreground.

At a Glance

Holi Festival 2024
Opening Times
12 noon to 10 p.m.
Berlin Central Fairground
31 August 2024
Admission Fee
Not yet known

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Kurt-Schumacher-Damm 207
13405 Berlin

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