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Botanical Night

Botanical Night at the Botanic Garden

Once a year the Botanical Garden Berlin hosts the Botanical Night. Visitors can experience the manifold plants and flowers in a most romantic and magical way.

On the occasion of the Botanical Night, the paths of the Botanical Garden in Berlin-Dahlen are illuminated and guide visitors to many attractions. In 2022, the garden grounds were divided into eight themed areas that form the enchanted land of Botania.

Lights, Music and Artistic Performances

Each of these themed areas has its own atmosphere thanks to lights, music, attractions, and culinary delights. In the Forest of Joy, giggling hedges and good-humored trees await visitors. Those looking for a feeling of freedom will have fun on the Swirling Meadows. The Silent Mountains offer a magical contrast. At the Idyll of Illusions, visitors must be prepared for mysterious and fabulous sensory illusions. The Grove of Hope, inhabited by luminous creatures full of grace and majesty, looks like a world out of a fairy tale. In the Sparkling Valley, even the trees glitter an sparkle, while the Dark Forest is home to particularly old and gloomy creatures.

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Botanical Night 2024
Botanical Garden
19 July 2024
20 July 2024
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