Berlin Art Week

Berlin Art Week

11 - 15 September 2019

The Berlin Art Week is a great opportunity for art enthusiasts to discover and discuss the works of international and local artists exhibited in hundreds of galleries.

  • Berlinische Galerie - Berlin Art Week© dpa
    In the Berlinische Galerie, a woman looks at pictures from the series "A Visualization of the Threat" by the artist "Nemes", which shows blurred photographs of trucks (2018).
  • Berlin Art Week 2017© dpa
    On 14.09.2017, a visitor photographs the sculpture "Kendall" (2014) by the artist Carole Feuerman with his smartphone at the "Positions Berlin Art Fair 2017" in Berlin.
  • Berlin Art Week 2017© dpa
    Bronze sculptures by Hannes Helmke are on display at the "Positions Berlin Art Fair 2017" on 14.09.2017 in the Arena in Berlin.
  • Berlin Art Week 2017© dpa
    On 13.09.2017 in Berlin, a woman photographs a work of art by the artist Hans Weigand during the final preparations for ArtBerlin.

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