Around Karl-Marx-Allee

Around Karl-Marx-Allee

Socialist neo-classicism and a certain Moscow flair characterize the monumental Karl-Marx-Allee between Strausberger Platz and Frankfurter Tor. The 90 meter wide boulevard was one of the most monumental building projects of the GDR and is considered the first socialist street on German soil.

  • Karl-Marx-Allee in Berlin© dpa
  • Demonstration© dpa
    Frankfurter Tor
  • Stalinallee© dpa
    View of a newly built residential building on Stalinallee in the eastern sector of Berlin, taken in 1954.
  • Summer 2012© dpa / picture alliance
    Volkspark Friedrichshain
  • Friedrichshain©
    Volkspark Friedrichshain
  • Volkspark Friedrichshain© dpa
    Volkspark Friedrichshain
  • Friedrichshain - Karl-Marx-Allee© Franziska Delenk
  • Apartment buildings on Frankfurter Allee© dpa
    Frankfurter Allee
  • Friedrichshain - Karl-Marx-Allee© Antje Kraschinski
    Near Ostbahnhof

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