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Dong Xuan Center

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Little Hanoi in Berlin-Lichtenberg: with its six market halls, the Dong Xuan Center is Berlin's largest Asian market.

Loud, lively and colorful: shoppers and visitors arriving at the Dong Xuan Center are immediately immersed in another world. Located in the eastern part of Berlin in the district of Lichtenberg, the Dong Xuan Center is not only the largest Asian market in the city but has long been a sight in its own right. Six market halls offer food and goods from different part of the Asian continent as well as a variety of services.

Berlin's Largest Asian Market

The name „Đồng Xuân“ is Vietnamese and means "spring meadow" - even if the spring meadow inside the Dong Xuan Center comes in the form of numerous freshly cut and plastic flowers. The market in the middle of eastern Berlin is a popular meeting place for the city's Vietnamese community, a place where people get together, drink tea, eat and shop. Traders from Vietnam, India, China, and Pakistan have set up shop in the six large halls, which are spread over an area of about 500 acres. Visitors will find numerous shops, stalls and restaurants offering Asian foods and goods as well as a large number of service providers such as hairdressers, massage parlors and nail salons. Vietnamese tax consultants, lawyers, travel agencies, driving schools, and advertising agencies also offer their services in the Dong Xuan Center.

History of Origin

After the reunification of Germany, many Vietnamese contract workers started their own business as traders - including the founder of the Dong Xuan Center, Nguyen Van Hien. In order to bypass the long routes to wholesale companies in Poland, he came up with the idea of founding a wholesale market in Berlin himself: the Dong Xuan Center. The center is modeled after Hanoi's oldest and largest market, the Dong Xuan Market in Vietnam, where a wide variety of goods are offered. Today, the market's Berlin counterpart has become a center for traders from all over Germany and its neighboring countries.


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Herzbergstraße 128-139
10365 Berlin
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Monday & Wednesday - Sunday from 10 AM to 8 PM Uhr, closed on Tuesday
Free parking spaces available for visitors

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