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Green World Tour

  • Malzfabrik (Freizeitbecken)
  • Malzfabrik (Stadtfarm)
  • Malzfabrik

At the Green World Tour public fair, the focus is on sustainability in all areas of life.

The topic of sustainability in all areas of life is becoming increasingly important in society. Anyone looking for inspiration and ways to make their own life more sustainable can visit the Green World Tour trade fair in Berlin.

Up to 120 exhibitors present their products and ideas to an interested audience, including vegan products, jobs with a purpose, information on renewable energies and much more. The fair is divided into different thematic areas so the visitor quickly realize how many layer there are to sustainability.

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Trade Show
Green World Tour 2024
7 September 2024
8 September 2024

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Bessemerstraße 2 – 14
12103 Berlin

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