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Thai Park

Thaipark in Berlin

A man sells Thai food in Preußenpark in Berlin-Wilmersdorf.

During the warmer months, the Thai Park in Berlin-Wilmersdorf spreads the Asian lifestyle in the capital every weekend.

Note: The Thai Park will no longer take place in Preußenpark from 2024. The market will be held in Württembergische Straße at Preußenpark for two years as a transitional measure and will move to Barstraße from 2026.

Even from afar, the voices and various smells make their way into the ears and noses of approaching visitors. Many people stand in small groups, enjoy the best street food and talk animatedly. On warm days, the Württembergische Straße near Preußenpark is transformed into the Thai <market. From Friday to Sunday, freshly prepared Thai street food based on original recipes is offered here. Whether small snacks, large dishes, fruit or sweet desserts - the Thai Park at Preußenpark leaves nothing to be desired. Anyone who has always wanted to taste crispy insects will find what they are looking for here.

Origin of the Thai Park

The Thai Park was born out of the tradition of many Asians meeting with their families in the parks to spend time together and cook dishes from their homeland. The park became a cultural meeting place in Berlin-Wilmersdorf that quickly attracted others. Out of the increasing demand for the Thai dishes on site, the idea was born to open the cooking to guests on weekends and offer street food on site. In the meantime, the "Thaiwiese" as the Berliners call it, has become a permanent gastronomic fixture in Berlin and is also an officially registered market. The many small improvised cookshops have become professional stalls, which has not detracted from the authenticity. The Thai Market is a popular place for the best Asian street food and an intercultural meeting place.

Please note: To ensure that this popular place remains liveable and worth visiting for residents and visitors, please ensure fair coexistence in the neighbourhood, cleanliness and a reasonable volume, especially in the evening hours.

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Württembergischen Straße 1
10707 Berlin
Opening hours
Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 21:00
08 June to 30 September 2024

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