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Welt Balloon: Discover Berlin from Above

Weltballon Berlin

Hop on board, ascend in a captive balloon into the air and enjoy the spectacular view of Berlin's city centre 150 meters above the ground.

Wherever you are in Berlin - you cannot miss the Weltballon (formerly Hi-Flyer), one of the world's largest captive balloons. Located near Checkpoint Charlie the balloon regularly ascends 150 meters into the Berlin sky and offers passangers a splendid panorama view of the city centre. An extremely strong steel rope attached to the basket keeps the balloon connected to the ground.

Location of the Welt-Balloon

The Welt-Ballon ascends at its base station at Zimmerstraße, corner of Wilhelmstraße in the Mitte district. The captive balloon is filled with fireproof helium and is fastened to the ground by a steel cable with a 10 ton winch. The basket can hold up to 30 persons.

Length and cost of the ascension

The balloon ascends throughout the year until the evening hours. From 150 meters up in the air passengers have an excellent view of the city: Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, Tiergarten or the skyline at Potsdamer Platz. The ascension depends on the weather, especially in autumn and winter.

Ascend as a group exclusively by balloon

If you would like to enjoy the view of Berlin with a balloon during a group event, you can also rent it exclusively and block times and days in advance. A balloon ascent for you and your friends, family or colleagues costs 500 euros net. Depending on the wind situation, about 15 to 20 people per ascent can take part in the flight.

Ascension with the Welt-Balloon video

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