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S.K.A.T. heißt: Seniorinnen und Senioren Kunst Akademie für Tanz. Das Projekt will zwei Welten zusammenbringen, die sich viel zu selten treffen: die Freie Szene des zeitgenössischen Tanzes und Senior*innen. more

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arm dances

arm dances moves between dance and visual art. Sculpting and being sculpted, sensing and sensitivity. This is a dance of five dancers moving a large arm object. more

Thursday, 29/September/2022 17:00 (1 more date)
Lobe Block - Terrassenhaus Berlin
Böttgerstraße 16, 13357 Berlin-Wedding
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Dancing Legs

The duet, an inclusive dance performance, was inspired by the plant fairy tale "The Dancing Pear Tree" by Ursula Bertsch. The plant fairy tale thematizes the interaction of Olaf with the circus performer and juggler Pippolina. With the help of nature,... more

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