Udgang-Atahan Çiftçi: Jazz aus Istanbul

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Atahan Çiftçi Trio

Jazz from Istanbul: The project "Udgang" by Atahan Çiftçi Trio presents the oud, the Arabic lute. With simplicity and a distinctive harmony, the trio presents the audience with a very unique blend of Turkish music and jazzy timbres.

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Udgang is a project by Atahan Çiftçi, a composer and jazz performer from Istanbul. Inspired by mainly Turkish music, Udgang touches different cultures from Far East to Africa and reveals diverse sounds and grooves.

The trio led by Atahan Çiftçi released its debut album "Udgang" in September 2021 after two years of work. Since last year, the musicians have been performing in Istanbul's leading jazz clubs (Nardis, Bova, etc.) and participating in the prestigious Istanbul International Jazz Festival.

Runtime: Thu, 23/02/2023 to Thu, 23/02/2023

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