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Schoeneboerg Flowmarkt


This flea market on Crellestraße in Schöneberg offers beautiful second-hand goods, music, art and handmade items as well as delicious street food.

Every second Sunday of the month from spring to autumn, the Schoeneboerg Flowmarkt in the Crellekiez neighborhood in Schöneberg invites you to take a stroll and hunt for bargains. There are clothes and beautiful second-hand items as well as art, music and handmade accessories. Various street food stalls cater to hungry visitors.

Treasures and Junk from Private Sellers

The flea market takes place on the marketplace on the corner of Crellestraße and Großgörschenstraße in Schöneberg. In addition to private sellers, a few professional vendors and shops set up their stalls here as well. The Schoeneboerg Flowmarkt takes place in weekly alternation with the Nowkoelln Flowmartk on Maybachufer.

Information, Address and Opening Hours

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Crellestraße 24
10827 Berlin
Days of Opening
Every other Sunday of the month from April through October (except during school summer holidays): 14 April, 28 April, 12 May, 26 May, 09 June, 23 June, 07 July, 21 July, 01 September, 15 September, 29 September, 13 October and 27 October 2024
Opening Hours
11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Admission Fee

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