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Few clinic and care workers still unvaccinated


Despite the facility-based Coronavirus vaccination mandate, not all Berlin hospital and nursing home employees are fully immunized.

"According to a survey by our administration, the vaccination rate for those who have been fully vaccinated is between 82 and 100 percent in Berlin hospitals and around 90 percent among employees in care facilities," a spokesman for the health administration told dpa on Friday (April 08, 2022).

No information on employment prohibitions

He did not yet provide any information about possible bans on entering the area or on employment for those who have not been vaccinated. "First, the available reporting figures are currently being processed and checked," the spokesman said. As soon as reliable data is available from the State Office for Health and Social Affairs, the Senate Department for Health will inform about it, he said.

Compulsory vaccination in the health and care sector since March

A facility-based Coronavirus vaccination requirement has been in effect in the health and care sector since March 15. In Berlin, health authorities assess how much health care may be at risk in a particular area or district. They can suspend proceedings against the unvaccinated if necessary. Thus, these employees are not automatically banned from entering or working, but are allowed to continue working for the time being in certain cases.

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Publication date: 8 April 2022
Last updated: 8 April 2022

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