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Coronavirus incidence in Berlin drops to 767


The incidence of Coronavirus in Berlin has continued to fall. Around 767 people per 100,000 inhabitants were infected in the past seven days, the Robert Koch Institute announced on Thursday (April 07, 2022).

In the last few days the incidence was still above 800, the previous week it was above 1000. Berlin continues to have the lowest incidence of all federal states. The average for all of Germany was at 1251.

Six new deaths reported

5755 new cases of infection were reported by Berlin's health offices. The total number of all registered infections in the past two years thus rose to around 936,000. Six new deaths were added, bringing the total of people in Berlin who died in connection with the virus to 4402, according to the statistics. However, experts assume that many cases are probably not recorded in the official data as many infections are no longer confirmed via a PCR test. Only these count in the statistics.

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Publication date: 7 April 2022
Last updated: 7 April 2022

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