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School enrolment celebrations for over 37,000 Berlin first graders


A few days after the start of the new school year, 37,470 first graders will start school in Berlin.

Today, Saturday, the children and their families will attend the school enrolment ceremony, and on Monday classes will start. Education Senator Katharina Günther-Wünsch (CDU) attends a school enrolment ceremony at the Pusteblume primary school in Hellersdorf. "I am a mother of four children myself and know how exciting this entry into a new phase of life is for children and parents," she explained in advance.

More pupils than ever before

The number of children starting school is around 700 lower than a year ago. Overall, however, according to the education administration, more pupils are learning at Berlin's schools in the new school year than ever before. The number of pupils at general schools rose by about 6,500 to 395,110. In addition, there are 80,180 vocational school pupils, about 1,100 more than a year ago. According to the education administration, the increase is not least due to Ukrainian war refugees.

Author: dpa/
Publication date: 2 September 2023
Last updated: 2 September 2023

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