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Bee disease: American foulbrood outbreak in Berlin


The disease American foulbrood has broken out in several apiaries in Neukölln.

In order to prevent the spread of the disease, which is dangerous for the animals, a restricted area was set up around the affected areas, as the Neukölln district office announced on Thursday. The outbreak had already been confirmed by a veterinarian on Wednesday. According to a spokesperson, the restricted area covers at least four square kilometres and mostly affects the district of Britz. No statement could initially be made on the exact number of infested apiaries.

Bee colonies must be examined by veterinarians

According to the district office, there are a total of 120 bee sites in the restricted area in Neukölln, all of which must now be examined by veterinarians. Until the restricted area is lifted, nothing is allowed to be removed from the colonies - i.e. no bees, no honey, no wax or the like.

American foulbrood also reported in Pankow

According to the Reinickendorf district office, an outbreak of the disease has also been reported in Pankow. Here, too, a corresponding restricted area has been set up.

Bee larvae die after infection

For adult bees and humans, the disease is harmless, for example through the consumption of honey. However, bee larvae die after infection, which can lead to mass mortality of bee colonies if spread unchecked.

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Publication date: 6 April 2023
Last updated: 6 April 2023

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