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Official result of the Berlin election announced

Wahlzettel und eine Wahlurne in Berlin

After the repeat election in Berlin, the SPD is now finally in second place, just ahead of the Greens, while the CDU is the winner. This is according to the official results, which were announced by the state election committee on Monday.

The CDU clearly won the election on 12 February with 28.2 per cent. The SPD and the Greens each received 18.4 per cent. The Social Democrats have a small lead of 53 votes, after the preliminary result it had been 105 votes. The Left Party got 12.2 per cent in the election, the AfD 9.1 per cent. The FDP flew out of parliament with 4.6 per cent.

No changes in the distribution of seats due to official results

The percentage shares of the parties and the distribution of seats, which had already been provisionally determined shortly after the election, have not changed. There are 159 MPs in the new Berlin state parliament. The CDU has 52 seats, the SPD and the Greens 34 seats each. The Left has 22 seats and the AfD 17.

Author: dpa/
Publication date: 27 February 2023
Last updated: 27 February 2023

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