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President of age presides over the first plenary session after the re-election

Nach Wiederholungswahl zum

Berlin House of Representatives

The oldest member of the state parliament has the task of opening the first plenary session after the re-election on 16 March.

This is Kurt Wansner (75) from the CDU, who is also to chair the session for the time being, as a spokesperson for the House of Representatives told the Deutsche Presse-Agentur. He will be assisted by the four youngest MPs Klara Schedlich, June Tomiak, Laura Neugebauer and Louis Krüger, who all belong to the Green parliamentary group.

President by age establishes quorum of the House of Representatives

Except for June Tomiak, they were already members of the state parliament after the election in September 2021. Wansner knows the procedure: The CDU politician had also opened the first session after the House of Representatives election in November 2021. At the constituent session, the oldest member establishes the quorum of the House of Representatives. After the resolution on the rules of procedure, the ballots begin.

Cornelia Seibeld nominated as President of Parliament

The CDU parliamentary group has nominated its MP Cornelia Seibeld for the office of Parliamentary President. She will be elected by secret ballot. The 48-year-old has been Vice-President until now and is to replace the current President Dennis Buchner of the SPD. The strongest parliamentary group, this time the CDU, has the right to nominate for the office. Seibeld's two deputies are also elected by secret ballot, and the other members of the Presidium are elected in an open ballot. At the end of the meeting, the Council of Elders and the Main Committee are appointed.

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Publication date: 18 February 2023
Last updated: 18 February 2023

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