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Wahl-O-Mat launches: online help for the Berlin election


For the Berlin repeat election on 12 February, voters now can get help in making a decision with the new «Wahl-O-Mat» (Election-O-Mat).

The well-known website was launched on Wednesday. After agreeing or disagreeing with 38 demands, the Wahl-O-Mat is supposed to show which party and which programme one is close to in terms of content. Before the last two Berlin elections, the Wahl-O-Mat was used about one million times, according to the Senate.

Wahl-O-Mat available since Wednesday

There are statements on issues such as Berlin's climate neutrality, homeless camps, e-scooters, New Year's Eve fireworks, primary school grades, refugees, bicycle and car traffic, the closure of Friedrichstraße, daycare centres, police controls, wearing headscarves and Berlin's debt. At the kick-off on Wednesday, top politicians from the six parties represented in the House of Representatives wanted to test the Wahl-O-Mat.

31 parties represented

A total of 31 parties are represented with their demands. For the repeat election of the Berlin House of Representatives, some have been newly prepared, others are from the 2021 election. The Wahl-O-Mat is offered by the Federal Centre and the State Centre for Political Education. It has been available for federal and state elections since 2002.

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Publication date: 25 January 2023
Last updated: 25 January 2023

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