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Arrival center for Ukrainians in Tegel moves to Terminal C


The arrival center for Ukrainian war refugees on the former airport site in Berlin-Tegel is to be moved to Terminal C and winterized.

This was decided by the Senate on Tuesday. Terminal C will initially be rented for this purpose until the end of the year, Senator Klaus Lederer announced after the Senate meeting. An extension until the end of March or the end of June is possible. At the same time, the previously used terminals A/B will continue to be rented until the end of the year to facilitate the move.

Expansion of Terminal C during ongoing operations

The expansion of Terminal C could thus take place during ongoing operations, Lederer said. Plans for the construction of the new urban quarter in northwest Berlin and the move of a university into the former airport building could then also continue. Conversion work is scheduled to begin before the end of August. When they are completed, the arrival center will be able to accommodate up to 960 people, according to the social administration. This would cover the current need for accommodation and still allow for a reserve. Another argument in favor of the move is that the building fabric in Terminal C is in much better condition.

Arrival center in Tegel still needed

In Terminals A and B, deconstruction will begin in November/December so that, according to the social administration, these areas can then be returned to the owners. The arrival center in Tegel is still needed against the background of the war in Ukraine. More than 940,000 Ukrainian refugees have been registered in Germany so far. Due to its geographical location, Berlin has a key position as a place of arrival and onward travel. Therefore, the necessary infrastructure must be provided to care for these people and to accommodate them at least temporarily.

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Publication date: 3 August 2022
Last updated: 3 August 2022

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