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Significantly more tourists in Berlin again

Viele Touristen in Berlin

Numerous tourists stand in front of the German Historical Museum within sight of the TV tower.

With the expiration of many Coronavirus-related restrictions, tourists have returned to Berlin.

Around 3.3 million people came to the capital between January and the end of May, a spokesperson for the tourism company visitBerlin stated. That was more than six times as many as in the same period last year. At that time, only about 541,000 visitors were counted

Most tourists come from other cities in Germany

By the end of May, the number of overnight stays also increased from more than 1.7 million in 2021 to 8.4 million in the current year. "The trend is positive, we are on a good path," said the spokesman. Since April, he said, one notices "that the knot has really burst." In May alone, about a third of the tourists so far this year came to Berlin, according to the data. The majority of them came from other German cities.

Pre-pandemic level not yet reached

However, the level of the pre-pandemic year 2019 will probably not be reached, the spokesman said. At that time, visitBerlin had recorded about 5.4 million tourists between January and May. Due to the Corona pandemic, visitor numbers had plummeted drastically in the past two years.

Author: dpa/
Publication date: 14 July 2022
Last updated: 14 July 2022

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