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No S-Bahn traffic between Oranienburg and Birkenwerder


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Due to construction work, passengers will have to prepare for several restrictions in Berlin's S-Bahn traffic in the coming weeks. The lines S1, S8, S25, S26 and S2 are affected.

From Thursday (June 09, 2022) until July 07, there will be no trains on the S1 line between Birkenwerder and Oranienburg. Replacement buses will be running instead. According to Deutsche Bahn, the line's signal box will be modernized and an elevator will be built in Lehnitz. During the beginning and end of the construction work, the closure will be extended to Hohen Neuendorf station at night - then the S8 will also be affected. From July 77 to August 11, no trains will stop in Lehnitz.

No stop on sections of the S25 and S26

From June 21 to September 02, there will be no trains on the S25 and S26 lines between Südkreuz and Teltow Stadt. According to Deutsche Bahn, the reason is track and switch renewal. Buses will be used as a replacement.

Restrictions in S2 traffic

From June 21 to August 12, trains of the S2 line will run on only one track between Priesterweg and Anhalter Bahnhof. From August 12, rail service between Südkreuz and Attilastraße will be interrupted and replaced by buses. The reason for this is track and switch renewal. Construction work will then begin on other lines in July.

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Further information: S-Bahn Berlin
Publication date: 7 June 2022
Last updated: 7 June 2022

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