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Over 267,000 Ukraine refugees have arrived in Berlin since February

Ukraine-Konflikt - Geflüchtete in Berlin

War refugees from Ukraine sit in the "Welcome Hall Land Berlin" at Berlin Central Station.

More than three months after the war began, many refugees from Ukraine continue to arrive in Berlin.

From Friday to Sunday, around 4,000 refugees reached Hauptbahnhof (Berlin Central Station), the Senate Department for Integration announced on Monday. According to the report, 400 people arrived at the ZOB and around 600 at Südkreuz. At the arrival centre in Tegel, 625 people were distributed, 251 of them to Berlin.

50,000 refugees temporarily housed in Berlin since the beginning of the war

According to the situation report, Berlin has temporarily accommodated 50,000 refugees through official channels since the beginning of the war. In total, more than 267,000 refugees are said to have reached the capital. It is not officially known how many people have been accommodated privately. Some of them have continued their journey or returned to Poland.

Arrivals "at a stable level"

At peak times, around 10,000 people a day arrived in Berlin. Now it is said that the number of arrivals is "at a stable level". Not all people have been officially registered. Refugees can stay in Germany without a visa until 31 August.

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Publication date: 31 May 2022
Last updated: 31 May 2022

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